.338 Case Spinner

.338 Case Spinner
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.338 Case Spinner, works on cases from 1.662" to 2.750" long.  Chuck Case Spinner in a drill press or power hand drill, turn at about 600 RPM.  Insert and remove case by hold with polishing media while tool is turning.  Efficiently polishes 100% outside including extraction groove & head, primer pocket can also be cleaned using a tool designed for this purpose.  Pkg. of 10 spare "O" rings included enough for thousands of cases.  Best results obtained using 3M Superfine pad followed by 00000 steel wool.  Polishing pads amd steel wool sold separately.  Photo shows all spinners available the .338 Case Spinner provided is second from right side.

Mail us 6 of your fired cases, not resized, avoiding cases with ejection dings.  We will select the proper tool diameter to insure best results with your cases, they will be returned with your order.