Tempilaq®, 2 Oz. Bottle, 750 Deg.

Tempilaq®, 2 Oz. Bottle, 750 Deg.
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One 2 oz. bottle 750 F. Tempilaq®, temperature Indicating Liquid, one provided with Anneal-Rite Machine; If more Tempilaq® products wanted with Anneal-Rite machine order no additional S & H required.

We advise the purchase of at least one Tempilaq® thinner with the above to maintain proper viscosity.  Every time you open a bottle some evaporation will occur.  If the cap is not secured with a vapor tight seal evaporation will in time result in the Tempilaq® becoming solid.  Periodically adding a little thinner is normally required.  When the Tempilaq® is kept at the proper viscosity it will normally be useable for up to 2,000 cases.