Ultimate Cartridge Check System w/Digital Indicator 0-.5"

Ultimate Cartridge Check System w/Digital Indicator 0-.5"
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Ultimate Cartridge Check System with our optional 0 - .5" Digital Indicator.   Indicator reads in inch or mm comes with battery, 3 tips; ball, 3/8" flat and extended needlepoint.  Can be reset to read 0 at any indicator stem position.  This is a very user-friendly tool to speed operations.



Performs 14 separate quality control measurements on brass, bullets & loaded ammunition.  No need to purchase numerous measuring systems, this one does it all.   Standard items are shown with the Ultimate Cartridge Check Station (cartridge case not included).  Three indicator points included; Standard rounded, needle and flat tips.
* Indicates optional accessory needed to perform these measurements. 
1.  Case Length
2.  Overall Cartridge Length
3.  Case Neck T.I.R.
4.  Bullet T.I.R. In Loaded Ammunition
5.  Primer Seating Depth
6.  Bullet Meplat Uniformity*
7.  Case Wall Thickness Variations
8.  Case Head Separation
9.  Case Rim T.I.R.
10. Extraction Groove T.I.R.
11. Bullet Ogive Variations*
12. Loaded Cartridge Check To Bullet Ogive*
13. Case Shoulder Bump Variations*
14. Rimmed Case Headspace*

NOTE: T.I.R. = Total Indicated Runout.